Our curriculum is guided by the Developmental Interaction Approach and the Project Approach to learning. Our work with children is based on formal studies, experience, and acquired knowledge of child development, and in particular, an understanding of the interdependence of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. 

Child Development Rooms - CDR (ages 1-2+ & 2+ - 3) 
Curriculum is implemented as a dynamic and integrated series of opportunities offered to children, encouraging them to connect deeply with their caregivers and strengthen understandings of their world. Caregivers assist children in making meaning of their experiences through documentation of children’s work, observations, and continuous dialogue; all carefully preformed within a stimulating and nurturing environment that invites, supports, and encourages children's active participation in their own learning.

The Preschool (ages 3-4) & K-Prep (ages 4-5+) Rooms
Children's interests and involvement help to establish research themes, which empower children to assist in shaping the class curriculum. As a class we investigate various topics that embody research efforts deliberately focused on answering questions. With instructors acting as facilitators of learning, children spend most of their time in experiential and "hands-on" activities, play, dialogue and discussion. Studies are approached with an emphasis on proposed theories, plans, understandings and interpretations from a number of perspectives - including the child’s own and his/her peers. Through discussion and interaction children become active negotiators, problem-solvers, and co-constructors of knowledge. 

We provide a socially and emotionally rich environment designed to introduce your child to school readiness skills; underscored by uncompromising support for his/her emotional, physical, and social development. Our environment honors and encourages creativity and a sense of community and we value each member in the community. 

In order to provide an exceptional environment for our children, we offer: low student to instructor ratios, superior learning tools and equipment, instructed music and movement classes, cooking lessons, fine motor skills applications and crafting, science exploration, and foreign language introduction.


The Exploration Academy
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