Exceptional Early Education and Care   Serving Children Ages 1 - 6 Years Old


AGES 1-3 


Ages 1-2

Curriculum is implemented as a dynamic and integrated series of opportunities offered to children, encouraging them to connect meaningfully with their teachers and strengthen understandings of their world.

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Ages 2-3

Teachers assist students in making meaning of their experiences through continuous dialogue, observations, and documentation of children’s work; all carefully preformed within a stimulating and nurturing environment that invites, supports, and encourages children's active participation in their own learning.


Begins at age 2.5

Children's interests and involvement help to establish research themes, which empower children to assist in shaping the class curriculum. As a class community, they investigate various topics that embody research efforts deliberately focused on answering questions. With instructors acting as facilitators of learning, children spend most of their time in experiential and hands-on activities, play, dialogue and discussion.

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AGES 3-6


Ages 3-4

Studies are approached with an emphasis on proposed theories, plans, understandings and interpretations from a number of perspectives - including the child’s own and his/her peers. Through discussion and interaction children become active negotiators, problem-solvers, and co-constructors of knowledge.

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Ages 3-5

This unique full-day full-time (M-F) program offers Spanish language instruction in concert with reinforcement of concepts in English to encourage bilingual adaptation. This is a preschool and pre-k program that facilitates individualized and small group and age-appropriate instruction in a mixed aged classroom environment (ages 3-4 & 4-5). In this specialized program, children develop strong pre-academic and social skills in addition to gaining a working knowledge in both languages.


Ages 4-6

The K-prep classroom provides a rich environment designed to introduce your child to school readiness skills underscored by uncompromising support for his/her emotional, physical, and social development. Our environment honors and encourages creativity and a sense of community, honoring and valuing each member's contribution.

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Real Family Reviews

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TEA is by far the most impressive daycare I have ever been to. We waited a year to get in and it was worth the wait! They have structured activities and curriculum that push our toddler to grow everyday. We had a nanny prior to enrolling her and as soon as she went in, there was an explosion of words she started using. I love that everything is organic that they serve, they have Spanish and music and go outside everyday. The teachers are the sweetest and I can tell there is lot of love because she is always so happy to see them. I also love all the art projects and the daily/weekly/monthly newsletters and updates. They are very accommodating to whatever people's special needs are and don't act put out by special requests. Seriously BEST PLACE EVER!

April J.

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I cannot speak highly enough of TEA! ...The teachers and the school administrators are clearly 200% committed to the kids. Both of our children attended (ages 1 through 5), and at every age group and classroom, the teachers were attuned to the kids' individual personalities and needs, and truly cared about them. One of our children needed some extra guidance and coaching, and the teachers and schools staff went above and beyond to give him what he needed, including extra meetings and communications with us. I truly felt like the teachers/staff were my partner and that we were on the same team. I can't imagine a better preschool experience for my kids.

Michelle M.

Colorful Crayons

We are so thankful for TEA! What an amazing environment. My daughter is learning so much, it's so much more than the standard childcare options. They have a pretty structured day, with lessons and play. They also serve organic meals and cater to her vegetarian needs. Every singe day that I pick her up her teachers have an update about her and her development. I genuinely feel like the staff at TEA cares not just about my child but about our family as well. We are so lucky to have them.

Danielle H.

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Having witnessed first hand, the growth in quality of the curriculum and staff, as well as the emotional and academic growth in our child, I have nothing but gratitude and praise for The Exploration Academy.  From the catered organic snacks and meals to the diversity in education, be it from a digital smart board, outdoor play/park time, gymnastics at the local Tae Kwon Do center, endless art and music projects, etc., to the personalized weekly email updates, I completely trust...[the] staff to provide our child an enriching and nurturing environment.

Thomas K.