• There is one application fee per child

  • Applications received from January 1st-December 31st remain active until they expire on September 1st of the following year

  • We reach out to families in March to to offer enrollment (students will typically begin session between July-September of the same year)

  • In March, once all openings have been secured, and if there remain applicants for enrollment, these applicants will be contacted by April 1st and will automatically be placed in the wait pool until September 1st

  • All families that were not offered placement by September 1st will be contacted, and should they wish to remain in the wait pool, they must reapply, submitting a new application by September 15th to avoid being charged an additional application fee

  • Any re-application submitted after September 15th will be subject to an application fee

  • Should an enrollment opportunity become available before or after the months of July-September, we select from the wait pool with respect to the enrollment guidelines